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I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede



28 June 2020: Op-Ed: The failure of the track and trace app is the least-worst thing about it in CityAM

14 May 2020: Op-Ed: Contact tracing app – what is the least worse option? On Sifted

11 Jul 2019: Cranfield University named me on the Female FTSE Board Report 2019 as one of the 50 women to watch

29 Jan 2019: BBC called me a Data Guardian

28 Dec 2018: Decentralised AI has the potential to upend the online economy – my article in Wired in 2019

12 Sep 2018: My podcast on the FT on redistributing the economic power of data

27 Jan 2018: From GDPR to blockchain, we’re getting more power over our data – my article in Wired in 2018

28 Sep 2016: Innovation: Beyond Things and Widgets – coverage on Innovate UK blog

18 Jul 2016: IoT and The Hub of All Things – coverage on The Manufacturer

20 May 2016: What the Apple vs. FBI Debacle Taught Us – article in the Scientific American

15 Apr 2016: Navigating the Internet of Things – coverage on Deccan Herald

12 Mar 2016: Beyond the Connected Kettle – interview with BBC World Service Tech Tent

28 Feb 2016: Creating New Markets with the Hub-Of-All-Things – my article in Business Reporter, Sunday Telegraph

24 Feb 2016: Digital Liquefaction and Data-driven Business Models – coverage by

23 Jan 2016: The Knowledge Base of Designing Complex Service Ecosystems – wrote a SERVSIG blogpost

2015: The Hub of All Things & More  – 3Pillar Global’s The Innovation Engine podcast

10 Apr 2014: A Smart Way to Get Personal with the Future – New Scientist

29 Jul 2014: How I Work– interview with

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