Irene C L Ng

I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede



Ng, Irene C.L. with Yin F Lim (2017) The Future of Things: Designing Social-Cyber-Physical Experiences, forthcoming


Ng, Irene C.L. (2014) Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy: Value and Worth. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, ISBN No. 9781107049352 (hardcover and paperback edition)


Ng, Irene C.L. (2013) Value and Worth: Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy, Innovorsa Press, Cambridge, ISBN No. 978-0-9573553-0-9 (digital edition)


Ng, Irene C.L., Glenn Parry, Duncan MacFarlane, Peter Wild and Paul Tasker (Eds) (2011) Complex Engineering Service Systems: Concepts & Research. Springer, London, ISBN: 978-0-85729-188-2


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