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I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede

One full circle: Professor and CEO

So it finally happened. I am an entrepreneur again. Back track. 2003. The year I came to British shores to start a new career in academia. I was finishing my … Continue reading

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My Back Story: Travel and Cruise days

I realise I have not ever written my ‘back story’ anywhere. Most of my friends know it of course, and I have never felt the need to but having made … Continue reading

June 3, 2018 · 3 Comments

HATDeX: The last community raise before scaling

It has been 12 months since HATDeX’s last financing, 3 weeks since the latest HAT partner came on board, 27 minutes since the latest HAT sign-on, and the HAT Data Exchange Ltd … Continue reading

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HAT Data Exchange opens a seed round for a £1.5m raise

After 2 months of preparation, some great deck iteration with HATDeX board members and existing early investors (Amadeus Capital among them), HAT Data Exchange is finally ready for a new raise. The HAT is growing … Continue reading

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With PSD2, banking and advertising are colliding. Don’t get squished in the middle.

Over the last thirty years we have changed how we spend money, from buying our clothes, food, and gadgets from malls, markets, and the high street to buying most of … Continue reading

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What is the difference between HAT ecosystem and the Blockchain ecosystem

Both HAT ecosystem and a Blockchain ecosystem empowers the individual, the former through a HAT Microserver, the latter through a Blockchain-wallet (see this medium post on Blockchain 101 or if you want a … Continue reading

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Inspiring Behaviours

Just finishing up my slides for a talk at University of Warwick on Inspiring Women It always makes me uncomfortable to talk about inspiring role models so in doing … Continue reading

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