Irene C L Ng

I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede


The Royal Society/British Academy Report on Data Management and Use: Governance in the 21st Century Available here: My response to the Royal Society/British Academy’s invitation to submit a provocation … Continue reading

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The nation of the Internet (2): Stop fighting for privacy. Start fighting for economic power.

(Cont’d from The nation of the Internet part 1) The Internet is a rather strange nation, and quite different from what we are used to. For one, in this Internet … Continue reading

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The nation of the Internet (1): the fight for privacy is a fight for scraps

The Internet has grown into a digital nation. Almost all of what we do offline, we are now doing online. We shop on Amazon, interact on an Apple/Android smartphone, search … Continue reading

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Making my HAT smarter – the next episode

  With the 7 products in the HAT tech suite complete and in beta, (DataBuyer with conditions set to release end of the month), I do feel we now have … Continue reading

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DataBuyer – the last of HATDeX tech suite, finally released

After a few months of building, I’m finally able to write about it. The HAT platform will be releasing its retail data-buying service – the DataBuyer – on beta tomorrow … Continue reading

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Today we begin the journey to change the Internet

Today we begin the scale up journey of the HAT platform. 110 people at the Shard, this time a rather different set of people. A third from investment capital firms, … Continue reading

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Industrial Strategy: my comments

Innovation Caucus – Industrial Strategy Response: my contribution   The Innovation Caucus ( will submit a response to the Industrial Strategy (see green paper here). As a member of the … Continue reading

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