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I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede

Today we begin the journey to change the Internet

Today we begin the scale up journey of the HAT platform. 110 people at the Shard, this time a rather different set of people. A third from investment capital firms, … Continue reading

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Industrial Strategy: my comments

Innovation Caucus – Industrial Strategy Response: my contribution   The Innovation Caucus ( will submit a response to the Industrial Strategy (see green paper here). As a member of the … Continue reading

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Privacy matters even to those who are prepared to give it up

Last Christmas, hubby gave me Alexa (Amazon echo) as a present. While I enjoyed playing with it, hubby often remarked that I didn’t look like I was as tickled with … Continue reading

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The knowledge base for designing complex systems

This was a guest article for servsig and originally appearedĀ as a blogpost here. My research lies in the understanding and design of complex service systems, which come in many forms. … Continue reading

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My weight loss programme

Since I’ve been asked by so many of my friends, I’ll blog my weight loss regime here. First, I have to say that this might not work for everyone. I … Continue reading

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The Moral dilemma of Managing Trump

So we are now in a Trumpian era. I do identify with this. In the late eighties and early nineties, I worked for a man who was similar. He was … Continue reading

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2016: academia, startups and invention

Academic life isn’t usually very fast paced. We write papers. We apply for grants to do interesting work. We do supervisions with doctoral students, we travel sometimes to deliver speeches, … Continue reading

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