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I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede

Inspiring Behaviours

Just finishing up my slides for a talk at University of Warwick on Inspiring Women It always makes me uncomfortable to talk about inspiring role models so in doing … Continue reading

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Consent is a loss

There are some things in the world we would not consent to. Not because we don’t want to. But because we lose too much from it. Would you consent for … Continue reading

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Me, Myself and AI

We’ve rolled out a feature this week, probably the most significant feature of the HAT dashboard, both web and HAT iOS app. The SHE Feed….. Backtrack, what on Earth is SHE? SHE is the Smart HAT Engine. … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment is real, if there is a victim

Last night I was at a dinner and a lovely old gent in his 80s whom I respect dearly leaned over and asked me — what do I think of all this … Continue reading

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Personal data as an asset class: creating a more valuable digital citizen

In my last 2 posts I talked about how the fight for privacy is a fight for scraps and what we really want to fight for is economic power by being more superior … Continue reading

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The Royal Society/British Academy Report on Data Management and Use: Governance in the 21st Century Available here: My response to the Royal Society/British Academy’s invitation to submit a provocation … Continue reading

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The nation of the Internet (2): Stop fighting for privacy. Start fighting for economic power.

(Cont’d from The nation of the Internet part 1) The Internet is a rather strange nation, and quite different from what we are used to. For one, in this Internet … Continue reading

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