Irene C L Ng

I am Dasein: Be-findlichkeit, Verstehen, Rede

About Me

I am a research academic, entrepreneur, engineer, educator, advisor (see my roles below). My day job is as the Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at WMG and Director of HATLAB for 50% of my time and 50% of my time as CEO of HAT Data Exchange and serving as an advisor to various organisations and governments. I am creator of the HAT and the product owner of the 7 products in the HATDeX technology suite. I am the economics and market designer of the HAT platform.

A back story of my entrepreneurial days.

My bio.

My advisory roles and subject matter expertise

IMG_3058.JPG Researcher

I am an active researcher in the domain of value, pricing, service systems and new economic and business models. I design complex service eco-systems e.g. outcome-based service contracts, markets etc. I did a servsig blog here that will give you an idea of the type of work I do.

My research team website is the Service Systems research group

IMG_3059.JPGMy research blog is at

My papers, talks and presentations at and research profile here at Researchgate

My projects are here. The biggest project (and our global social movement to claim your data) is at H.A.T

My CV is here. Google citations here. Research Gate here.


IMG_3060.JPGI am the Chief Executive and co-Founder of HAT Data Exchange. Also the founder and Chief Scientist (non-Executive) of my experimental company which is the company that commercialises and exploits my inventions and tools. I’m also an investor and advisor of various startups in the tech space e.g. Device Pilot, WAM.


I don’t do any formal teaching but I do conduct some masterclasses

– masterclass on value creation (1 day) – executives, doctoral & postdoctoral (capacity building) (on demand)

– masterclass on research for impact (2 days) doctoral & postdoctoral (usually in October)

IMG_3062[1].JPG– masterclass on creating new markets (2 days) – executives (on demand)

– masterclass on outcome-based contracts (1-day) – executives (on demand)

– PhD supervisions – I have 5 doctoral students – Peter Ward, David Reynolds, Simon Brooks and Phil Davies – see their profiles here

– PhD supervision approach and teaching philosophy – Download it here (important if you are looking to do a PhD with me)

– If you wish to do a Masters in Service Management – check out here – also check out our PhD competition – it runs every year if you wish to join my team

IMG_3063[1].JPG Service

2012-09-10 10.27.46

I am the Director of HATLAB at WMG.

I am also one of the ESRC/InnovateUK Caucus Thought Leaders (see tasked to integrate Social Science research to assist Innovate UK


I am the product owner, designer and creator of the HAT, a personal data exchange platform. It consist of 7 software products offered by HAT Data Exchange that is configurable for all personal data use cases from personalised content, personalised learning to direct sharing and matching of personal data to products and services.